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Enjoy more than cheapest cross-border payment

What is SEAAPS

  • SEAAPS(The SEAA Payment System)is a cross-border payment system based on blockchain technology developed by the company. By having this blockchain technology, people can send money with low-cost to anywhere in real time and benefit more from the platform based on real transaction record. We share the network benefits to all users through SEAA points.

Technical characteristics

  • The technology architecture features Gateway, Multi-layer, RBFT consensus, and Smart Contract, supporting MTOs to issue digital assets and exchange on the chain. It has 5000 TPS in performance and supports 10-second transaction rate which facilitates the transaction confirmed almost instantly.

SEAAPS Benefit

Real time

Transfer money to anyone anywhere anytime in 10 seconds.


Accurate know‐your‐client processes(KYC),Faster anti‐money laundering (AML).


Reduce operating cost with fewer participants.Transfer funds with lower transaction fee.


Join as a participating node and provide historical single version of the transaction by PBFT mechanism.


Expand more partners through platform matching and receive loan services with real data;

SEAA Points

Advertising revenue and other benefit can be distributed by SEAA Points.